Stay Safe in Croatia

In the immediate vicinity of the cradle of croatian alpinism - the Petehovac Mountaineering Center - which affords a stunning view of the city of Delnice, just below Štimac’s Peak (Štimčev vrh, 1024 m) a mountain lodge rests. It’s name: Chalet MINT. Hidden amid pines, firs and beeches interspersed over 5 000 m 2 of forest land, our one-story alpine house contains a spacious living room and dining room area, a kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a jacuzzi, sauna and a large barbecue with a gazebo for outdoor dining


Wishing to escape the all too tiring hustle and bustle of city life, we searched for refuge in the secluded solitude of Gorski Kotar. And our soon-to-be new home took us in. No sooner had we started to climb the winding road up to Štimac’s Peak than we fell in love

with the enchanting Petehovac. But what really stole our hearts was the house, magical in all seasons - shrouded in the summer cool, the autumn leaves, the winter snowflakes or the sweet spring scent of beeches. Ah yes, and the beeches… like twin sisters who have been guarding the driveway for decades, these deciduous attendants form a natural doorway to our house, a safe haven where one can breathe easily again - air as fresh as the mountain mint. They will welcome you into our grove upon your arrival.

Everyone should experience the idyllic experience of the alpine quiet - Chalet MINT is a generous gift from Gorski Kotar to you.



Thanks to Chalet MINT’s unwavering tranquility you will be able to completely focus on rest and recuperation. Chalet MINT is sure to charm you with its quaint simplicity. Whether you wish to spend a romantic weekend away with your significant other (and a bottle of fine wine, of course), celebrate an important milestone with friends and family or simply replenish your soul with a cup of tea or coffee, gazing into the profound mysteries of the surrounding forest with your pet by your side - Chalet MINT is the prime candidate for your vacation. Gorski Kotar boasts a wide selection of recreational activities throughout the year:

In the summertime - walking, hiking with professional guides (on Golubinjak, Kamenjak or Risnjak, for example), bicycling, kayaking, rafting, fishing, swimming in local rivers and lakes, and the Adriatic sea isn’t too far off either!

In the wintertime - skiing and sledding on Petehovac, ice skating in Delnice, nordic skiing, exploring local snowy routes and enjoying the wonders of winter.



Chalet Mint is situated in the heart of Gorski Kotar, at the crossroads of Croatia’s nature reserves and urban areas:

  1. RISNJAK National Park, home to the Kupa river source
  2. Lokvarka, Hajdova Hiža, Muževa Hiža and other caves
  3. The town of DELNICE, home of Croatia’s first ski jumping hill, a wonderful open-air ice rink and a number of routes for nordic walking.
  4. The town of VRBOVSKO and the KAMAČNIK canyon, with its 3,2-kilometers long promenade. The promenade’s starting point is at the confluence of the KAMAČNIK stream and the DOBRA river.
  5. The town of LOKVE and the LOKVARKA stream, the LOKVARSKO lake, the LOKVARKA cave - Croatia’s longest cave. There’s also a riveting frog museum!
  6. The town of MRKOPALJ, nestled among mountains - Bjelolasica (1534 m), Bitoraj (1386 m), White and Samarian Rocks (strictly protected natural reserve), Čelimbaša (1085 m) and Lisina (1030 mnm).
  7. The village of RAVNA GORA and the medieval Stara Sušica castle - a true historical jewel of Gorski Kotar.
  8. The town of FUŽINE, surrounded by three lakes, the VRELO cave and the cowboy village of Roswell (a film set where the reboot of the western Winnetou was filmed).
  9. The town of ČABAR on the croato-slovene border, near the Zrinski castle.
  10. Learn more about these and other treasures of Gorski Kotar at

Mountain center Petehovac